July 9: Moon Paths to Carrapateira

The house was empty in the morning.

I had the whole hostel to myself. There was a market in the little square next to us so I grabbed some fresh veggies, eggs, and herbs went back to the little hostel.

I opened all the windows and doors on the first floor to let in the sun and beautiful breeze and cooked an omelet for breakfast.

Tracy Chapman's Crossroads played again and I wrote for hours. It was a perfect.

Do you ever have an amazing writing day? That day in perfect setting, close to nature, nothing else on your to-do list? They don't happen often but when they do I'm so grateful for them.

After hours of writing with Tracy, I packed up my things and hit the road again. I still needed to explore that secret beach. However, when I arrived the only place I found to park was a private lot.

I parked the car there but then had his nervous anxious feeling on the walk to the beach. I rushed there to see the sun starting to set and then practically ran all the way back. I was filled with this anxious energy that the car would be towed.

Luckily, nothing happened when I got back there (anxiety strikes again!) and kept on my way to Carrapeteira.

It was a stunning drive.

That part of the country is a natural reserve and the sun was setting on my right as the full moon rose on my left and I gazed over the cliffs to the ocean.

At one moment, I felt as if I was in perfect alignment with the world. The sun, the moon, the ocean, and me.


I lost sight of the moon for a second and then when I turned…WOW….she was huge and right in front of me.

She was so close, I thought she was going to sneak out of the sky and into the car with me.

I pulled over onto a small dirt road and just watched the clouds slowly caress her.

Nothing was wrong. There were no worries. No rush. Only bliss.

I drove in almost complete darkness the rest of the way but, she guided me with her shining, white light to the tiny town of Carrapeteira.

The little hills glowed a faint golden hue as I pulled up to the hostel.

Maristela checked me into my group dorm. A large room was filled with stunning hand carved beds.


I grabbed dinner with one of my new roommates and explored the sweet square of the town.

That night, I showered before falling asleep and the water was jusssttt right.