Rock, Rage & Self Defense:
An Oral History of Seattle's Home Alive
, 2014

This documentary feature film follows the origin story of Seattle’s grass-roots, self defense collective Home Alive. Prompted by the rape and murder of The Gits’ lead singer Mia Zapata, and other deaths in the Arts and Music community. Scared and infuriated, her friends and community members came together to share theirs fears and discuss how to be safe in that environment. The result was a low-cost self defense program. Understanding the connection between self defense and self-expression, nine women politicized the Seattle scene.

Rock, Rage + Self Defense had multiple tours, screening across the United States, Europe, and Asia. 

The film is available to screen online for free and has English subtitles for the hearing impaired. If you would like to volunteer to translate the film into another language for other subtitles let us know here




Dad's Records, 2015

Dad’s Records is a short documentary film about a man’s personal music history via his record collection. Told in a home video chapter format with a home movie aesthetic, the film discusses Dad’s introduction to music and early influences that led to falling in love with the universal language. The film also shares quintessential stories of the progression from school bands to punk bands and little siblings who ruin records. The story emphasizes the importance of music and sharing stories, and highlights the belief that records will never truly go out of style.



Morning Rituals, 2016

Morning Rituals is a docu/narrative short film that follows three young women as they go about their morning routines. The film aims to explore the human experience of preparing for a day and asks the audience to think about their morning rituals. Do you do have a morning routine? Do you wish you had more time in the morning? Are you always rushing out the door? Are you grateful for another day or do you dread waking up? Are you happy?