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I hired Leah to help me with design for my website. Leah gave me very helpful guidance from the beginning, with her expert knowledge of technical details regarding set-up of a domain name and related details and very constructive advice for composing the content and structure for my website. All of our work and communications were done online and that was a very easy and efficient process. Once the website was established, Leah helped me with the auxiliary details, including email setup. I am very happy with my website. Leah is very professional, easy to work with and her services are a great value! I could not have done this myself and Leah made the whole process easy for me.
— K. J. ~ Seattle, WA
Leah Michaels is first-class all the way. Not only was she able to articulate my needs for my website, but also, she was timely, focused, and patient. I had a concept in my mind for my novel’s website and Leah brought it to execution seamlessly. She is affable, sincere, and helpful. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— T. E. ~ West Palm Beach, FL
Working with Leah completely transformed and opened up my career. My business has tripled since working with her. Leah is a true marketing alchemist. The way she can see a vision and connect people to their creative business potential is amazing. Whether it is website design, event planning, or social media Leah can do it all. She is truly a rainmaker.
— M. S. - Seattle, WA
Leah turned my business around with her social media savyness and expertise in developing a beautiful website for me! She is delight to work with and her constant energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Leah has been a game changer in taking my art work to fabric and helping me brand. I highly recommend her and feel blessed to have found her!
— L.H.M. ~ Baltimore, MD
Social media may have tipped the scales for the artist. In the beginning, Matthews put herself in the hands of local social media guru Leah Michaels, who launched her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (Just no posts about the kids or where she was having dinner, she was told.)

’She made me understand that people want to see my work. But they also want to know what inspired me,’ said Matthews. ‘I am a big picture-taker. You can often find me pulled over on the side of the road.’

It worked, according to Matthews, who has also seen her commissions increase as a result of her exposure on social media. Where once she might have produced one painting in a month, now she might be asked for 10.
— Baltimore Sun ~ March 13, 2015

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Leah is a blessing for those who are looking to break out into the online world. She is incredibly enthusiastic and eager. Leah knows how to weave all of the pieces of web, media and marketing into one network and makes approaching the Internet and social media as easy as pushing one button. She is efficient, consistent and is always coming up with creative ideas. Leah is a joy to work with.
— L. S. - Baltimore, MD
Leah Michaels was THE critical component in getting our Garden Club website created and launched! Leah helped our committee from the beginning to end and helped develop a website incorporating information for members, garden
enthusiasts, prospective members and browsers. In addition, Leah instructed our members on website maintenance as well as serving as an ongoing consultant and web manager. We would give Leah and her services our highest recommendation!
— E. S. ~ Baltimore, MD