About used for freelance website
Leah C. Michaels is a freelance web designer, social media manager, event coordinator, and consultant based in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. She focuses on collaborating with artists, small businesses, and non-profits.

With a degree in History from the University of Washington in Seattle, Leah has the ability to track trends, analyze cause and effect breakdowns, and develop strategic timelines for assisting clients in growing their community and reaching their goals. 

During her internship with the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development, she realized how much she enjoyed meeting local small business owners and learning their stories. After graduation, and while finishing a documentary film project, Leah started freelancing and the word quickly spread!

A natural communicator and an artist herself, Leah appreciates how lines, colors, and space relay messages to those surveying a website.

Leah is also skilled in the art of networking.

She is an avid traveler and has clients on both coasts. The power of the Internet means that Leah can work with any client from anywhere in the world.