July 12: Praia Arrifana

The next beautiful morning, I visited Carrapeteira’s little museum of land and sea while I waited for Tamara and Maristela to get ready. This little museum was so sweet. It focused on the life and history of fishermen and farmers of the area.

When everyone was ready, we drove to Praia Arrifana and the three of us hung out on the beach for a while.

It was a loooonnggg winding walk down to the beach though.

I was also excited to go to Arrifana because Julika had told me this was a great place to surf.

But when I went to rent a board at the only surf shack that existed the attendant told me….

 “We’re out.”

What?....You’re a surf shack and you’re out of boards?


Well, when will you have boards again?

“In 3 hours.”

"WHAT?! But the waves are good now."

The dude did not care.

Oh well, I guess it’s just a beach bum day.

The girls and I talked about everything: travel, dating, food, work life balance, bodies, experiences, goals.

It was great to lounge on the beach after surfing and hiking the day before.

After beach-time we went searching for lunch. We were not successful. Everything was closed and we ended up with a slightly over priced greasy meal.

Live and learn.

We drove back to Carrapateira and, may have had to pull over on the side of the road to pee before we got back to the hostel. I took a shower and then said goodbye to Maristela.

Tamara and I were spending the night with her friends in Arrifana and then going kayaking in Lagos in the afternoon.

(Oh! I forgot to tell you. The day before in the little town square, I bumped into the American couple who I met in Baleal and they mentioned this great place to go kayaking in Lagos. Tamara said she’d go with me.)

After we got back to Arrifana, we met Tamara’s friends and dropped off our stuff at the house. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive at first, but once we got settled it was fine.

Here’s the thing about the town of Arrifana…there isn’t one.

Well, that is to say, it’s a bunch of houses and buildings all spread out with no square or center. But you can tell that these wonderful little restaurants and businesses that are starting to pop up mean that energy is coming.

Tamara and I went to this cafe that friends of friends of friends had just opened. We briefly left to watch the sunset and then we got drinks and listened to some live music and dancing. That set was amazing and unfortunately after that we went to another bar with another band…and that band was pretty awful.

Let’s all pretend like the second one didn’t happen.