June 13: Moving in Nature

After Julika agreed, Jana, one of the camp helpers who became a dear friend, was kind enough to drive Svenja and me to the beach an hour before everyone else. The two of us had the entire ocean to ourselves. It was so much fun. I caught one wave and called it good.

If I could keep catching one wave a day at Praia Grande, that was good enough for me.

We surfed for about three hours. Then Svenja and I went back to the house before the rest of the group to shower and get ready for our massages.

Masha, the yoga teacher offered massages at a discounted rate and it was worth every penny. After we each had a massage, I took a power nap, and then we had yoga outside on the terrace.

It was perfect. The climate in Colares is wonderful because it’s that awesome mix of warm with a cool breeze. After an hour of yoga outside, a few of us walked to the cliffs with wine.

The German husbands organized dinner and we all cooked together.

It was one of the most wonderful days. I was thinking less about the existential crisis. Surfing, the massage, yoga, and cliff hike all helped me get out of my head and come down into my body. Moving in nature may be the key to many of our struggles. Spending time with new friends helped too.