June 12: Second Week of Surfing

Monday morning the surf class were packed. The house was full, there were two families with 3 kids each staying in the chalets down the lane, and a British couple booked some classes with us. Everyone was lovely but, needless to say it was a bit crazy.

Svenja and I packed the surf van (because even if you don’t learn how to surf you will definitely learn how to pack a surf van) and as children do, one hit the other one and they both started crying. Then the mayhem broke. Screaming kids, people knocking surf boards, people trying to teach each other how to secure the boards on the van, people trying to coordinate how many trips the van needed to come back to the house. One family, the British couple, and the German husbands all had their own car but the rest of the house and the other family needed rides.

At one point during the screaming kids and surf van packing Svenja and I locked eyes again and read each other’s minds.

Me: We need to do everything in our power to avoid this for the rest of the week.
Svenja: Yep.

Julika had two other surf instructors for the week and we were broken into three groups.

The ocean conditions were decent.

I still sucked though.

Peter made us German pancakes when we came home. They were scrumptious. 

Did I mention that most of the people staying at the house were German, Austrian, or Swiss? So the main foreign languages that I heard in Portugal for the first two weeks were German and Swiss German. 

Thank you Peter! 

Thank you Peter!