June 27: Surfing with Ze, Allan, and Dani

Ze and Allan

We all piled in the surf van in the morning, pups included of course, and went to the beach.

It was the best surfing day. The waves were much better. Allan, Dani, and I all struggled to catch a single wave but we had so much fun together.

Allan had surfed once before but Dani had no experience.

Ze asked her questions to gage her as well.

Ze: Have you ever skateboarded?

Dani: No.

Ze: Snowboarded?

Dani: No.

Ze: Any kind of board sport?

Dani: No.

Me to Dani: Me neither! It’s all good!
We all paddled out into the ocean following Ze the whole time.

Allan, “we just got out here and I’m already tired.”

“That’s how I felt at first too!”

At one point, Dani was sitting on her board and just fell over into the water for no reason.

“Happens to me all the time,” I said laughing.

Ze was catching waves like a pro while the three of us were getting tumbled by the waves but it was awesome.

“I was planning to work out before I came on this trip so I could be stronger and surf better but it just didn’t happen,” I told Dani.

“Leah, I work out all the time at home and I’m still not catching waves.”

Fair enough.

When I surf with other beginners it is so much fun because we’re all going through the same things. When I surf with experienced surfers, it is great to watch and learn from them.

After paddling back to shore, we took beach showers, and changed out of our wetsuits.

“We get to walk the puppies now,” I told them.

Then we all had coffees and went back home.

Allan, Dani, and I combined our laundry and had a relaxing afternoon before packing everything and heading back to the city together.

Joana gave me the surf hoodie that she made for me and we hugged both holding back tears.

“I hate goodbyes,” she said.

“It’s not ‘goodbye,’ it’s “see you later.’”

We hugged again.

Ze showed me some other places to go on the map in my road trip book and we hugged too.

It was hard for me to leave The Surf Farm. Being there made me realize that it was possible to make the life I wanted. I was happy, content, and safe. Surfing, gardening, cooking, yoga-ing, and being with lovely people and puppies completely restored my energy. 

I think this is what I need. Should I be leaving this place? 

But I knew I had to keep exploring and see what life and Portugal had in store for me next. 

Trust that life will take you exactly where you are supposed to go. 

Allan, Dani, and I walked a long time to the other bus stop and they even helped me carry my things. (Still embarrassed about that you guys.)

We planned on eating dinner together once we got to the city and bought our train tickets for our next locations but then they found out the train they needed left in the next five minutes and we had a fast goodbye. (See you soon in Toronto!)

When I finally made it to the hostel after lugging all my shit there Jake found me in the lobby,

“Wifey! You made it.” 

-First bump-

We grabbed a quick bite around the corner and then I attempted to sleep.