June 21: Porto Day Two

The waves were not great the next day either so I took the bus into Porto again. I walked around this little park and then went to Duas de Letra.

Joana didn’t work until lunch but it was nice to have a coffee and write in the courtyard.

The café has two chefs: a vegetarian chef and a carnivore chef. Every day, they plan their menus together and offer a lunch meal by each chef. A drink, appetizer, and entree for seven euros.

Amazing. Just another reason to love Portugal.

After having lots of meat and fish the past few weeks, I went veggie. Yum!
The next time you’re in Porto, you must come here for lunch.

Joana and I chatted a bit and then I went to the meeting point for the walking tour….with a dead camera.

I had charged my GoPro the night before because I thought I was going to surf but then the plans changed and I didn’t charge my DSLR battery.

Another reason to be frustrated with technology.

In a way, it was nice to just walk and not think of photographing everythingggg.

After the walking tour, I took the trolley to the light house. It was low tide and all the little fishing boats were sitting below the docks, patiently waiting for the tide to bring them to the top of the harbor again.

It was getting late and while it would have been nice to stay longer, I didn’t want to take the bus back at midnight.

When I got home, the family was preparing dinner in their gorgeous yard.

“Leah, do you want to join us?” Joana asked.

Of, course.

The five of us sat at the wooden table that Ze built while Joana grilled sardines. She had to teach me how to pick the fish apart but it was delicious.

The dogs, Luke and Leia, snuggled by our feet while we dined under the stars.

“Tomorrow, we surf” Ze said.

Awesome…I think...I was nervous.