June 19: Salty Way in Sintra to The Surf Farm in Porto

The morning of the 19th I slowly gathered my things and made breakfast. Romi decided she would take the train with me from Sintra to Lisbon because she had some things to do in the city. Jana drove us and Sina and Lea came with us to say goodbye.

As we were hugging at the station, I told everyone,

“It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.”

Romi and I took the train back to Lisbon and then I bought a ticket to Porto.

The ticket agent was very nice and he said,

“The train is at 2:39 pm.”

We double checked the receipt which is also the ticket and saw a big 2:39 so we assumed that was the time. It was perfect amount of time to walk around the train station, grab an ice cream, and talk more with Romi.

Then I headed to my platform and there was no train.

That’s weird…

I went back to the ticket agent and he gave me a weird why are you still here look.

“Did I miss my train?”

It was at 2:09, not 2:39. We had looked at the wrong spot of the little receipt/ticket.

Oopps. Silly American Girl.

Luckily, there was another train an hour later and it was only an addition 4 euros.

Could be worse.

I listened to podcasts, caught the train, and listened to more podcasts.

I was going to stay in an Air BnB where I would have my own room but would still be with a family at a historic house called The Surf Farm.

When I arrived in Porto, the train agents didn’t know the bus I was talking about and said I’d have to take a metro to the bus and then walk a while. Normally, that would be fine but in that moment…Um no. Taxi!

The taxi driver was very nice but did not speak English. We got to where his GPS told him to go and could not find the house. I had him call the lady, Joana, and he waited with me until she picked me up.

We were just down the road and did not see that the house was at the end of this small pathway.

One of the most beautiful estates I have ever seen.

Joana, Ze, and the teenage boys, Vincento and Vasco and I all had dinner together after I settled in my perfect little room next to the chickens, ducks, and bunny, Juliette.

Joana is an amazing cook. That night we had homemade pizza, salad, and watermelon for dessert.

I took an outdoor shower, did laundry, and fell asleep listening to the sound of clock tower.