June 18: Last Night at Salty Way

By Sunday morning, most of our friends had left and new people arrived. The mosquitos were out of control.

One of the new girls asked if we had a vacuum cleaner in the house.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

We took turns with the vacumm cleaner and sucked away every single one of those blood suckers out of our room. We closed the windows and shut off all the nights.

Why didn’t I think of this on day one?

After that, Sina, the new girls, and I all walked to the farmer’s market. Lea and some of the other crew went surfing.

I told Sina about that Vegan restaurant from the beginning of the trip and she wanted to try it. She’s a hardcore Vegan.

We went there for lunch after the market and guess who was there?

Ozzie the dog!



He sat next to us as we ate another amazing meal. I felt like I had come full circle at Salty Way.

Sina and I talked about how we both wanted to be involved with community centers that had gardens, art, yoga, and other healing practices.

Later, Sina, Lea, Suzie, and I went to Nick’s for a BBQ. We didn’t think we were going to stay very long but we were the last ones to leave.

Nick cooked fresh mussels that he picked that day and we all hung out with wonderful people.

Later, Nick’s dad came over and it turned out he was from Philadelphia. One of the girls at the party had lived in New York for a few years so the three of us had the America vs. Portugal conversation.

Matteo had to come pick us up at 11 pm and got lost on the way.

It was the perfect night and the best way to end my two weeks at Salty Way.