June 15 & June 16: “The Girl Who Would Never Ask a Guy What To Do”

After dinner that night, I was starting to feel more like myself again.

The next day we were back at Praia Grande and it was the usual struggle.

Wipe Out. Wipe Out. Wipe Out.

Nick, one of the surf instructors said,

“This is one of those days that messes with your head. You’ll start to think you’re a bad surfer and you’re not. Today it really is the ocean. These conditions aren’t good for you.”

After a while, Julika pulled us all out of the ocean and decided we would go to another beach for our final day.

That night, the group confessed that they had never seen or even heard of the movie, Blue Crush.

Look, I know it can be problematic but, it is one of those pop culture cheesy 90s/early millennium movies that I am not ashamed to say I love.

After dinner, Matteo, Sina, Lea, Coo-ken, and I all cozied up on the couch and watched the first half of the movie.

On the 16th, we got up early and drove to the new beach.


Those rocks look sharp but I'm game if you are. 

Those rocks look sharp but I'm game if you are. 

Again, I’m lucky I could even catch one wave. The beach was gorgeous. There were so many huge rocks with mussels and other little creatures living on them and I explored for a while before we went back and also stopped at Praia Grande for sunset.

As we finished Blue Crush after dinner, this scene brought me fully back to life.

Matt: Just be the girl I met on the beach.
Ann Marie: Who? Who is she? 
Matt: The girl who would never ask a guy what to do.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, 90s/early millennium teen movies have the answers to all life’s great questions.