June 6: Surfing at Carcavelos Beach

Lunch with Jenny and Angela

Lunch with Jenny and Angela

We drove to Carcavelos Beach the next day because Praia Grande was too intense. However, I still got pummeled all day.

Rule #1 of Surfing: The ocean DOES NOT care about you.

Wipe out. Wipe Out. Wipe Out.....Wipe Out.

Meanwhile, mostly, everyone else is crushing it.

“I’ll get it tomorrow. It’s only day two,” I told myself.

Angela, Jenny, and I had a wonderful lunch. The three of us had the best time talking and learning about each other. Angela and Jenny are Swiss and have been friends for year. They’ve both done volunteer work in different countries and have service orientated jobs at home. We talked about traveling, work, relationships, and general life. Jenny had traveled for 6 months a year or two ago. While she enjoyed it, she said it also got a bit exhausting staying in hostels constantly introducing yourself and meeting new people and trying to be social all the time.

This was something that started to wear on me a little too. But we’ll talk about that later.

It was nice to just have girl time and get to know each other. After lunch we relaxed on the most comfortable beach cushions everrrrrr. They were so amazing I even took a picture of the tag so I could research them when I got home. (They're called SitWithMe and of course I can't find them anywhere.)

Then Juliane, her 8 year old daughter Nola, and Juliane’s friend Florian came to hang out with us after they finished lunch also.

Napping with Nola

Nola’s a better surfer than me. That’s all you need to know right now.

We snuggled on the most comfortable beach cushion ever together.

It was time to pack the van with the surf boards and head home. None of us knew what we were doing and even though Mateo, one of the helpers, was there, he had just learned how to do it also.

It got a little intense and stressful but, we figured it out eventually. Then we quickly stopped a supermarket and rushed back to the camp for yoga.

It was then announced that we would be waking up at 6 am to surf at another beach the next morning.

I clearly went to be at 9 pm while others partied until 2 in the morning.