June 2: Is this a joke?

Returned to my hostel to attempt another calm shower and change for a gallery show and then this happened...

I walk into our dorm and then a new girl comes into the room as I'm having the sexual assault prevention conversation with the other girl that we discussed previously.

New girl slept in the top bunk next to the door. The one I had a weird feel about...remember? New girl then says,

"I woke up with bed bugs we all have to move rooms." 


Are you...wait...is this a joke? 

Not that I didn't believe her but I was in a bit of a shock and said, 

"Are you sure it's bed bugs and not mosquitos?"

She replied, "I went to bed last night with no bites and I woke up covered in bites."

Well, fuck. That'll do it. 

So then I take all the girls downstairs and train them on how to fight for yourself and demand refunds. 

They give us laundry tokens so we all have to do our laundry. However, everything that I had in a ziplock I knew was safe AND THIS is why you put your clothes in ziplock fellow travel friends. 

We spent the next two hours getting all our shit, moving it to the lobby, doing laundry, moving our shit to another room, getting New Girl directions to a pharmacy where she could get bed bug cream, fighting for refunds, etc. 

Then I changed into an outfit I didn't want to wear but the outfit I did want to wear was spinning in the washer in case it was infested in bed bugs and I headed to the gallery show. No nap, no shower, and pretty pissed. 

The main good thing was that they moved us to a room together. 

As I'm leaving to hustle to the show, I pass Tori, one of the Australian roommates. She smiles at me, 

"How was your day in London?"

I quickly spit out, "New Girl whose bunk is right on top of yours has bed bug bites, we all have to move rooms, you have to get laundry tokens and wash all your clothes, and don't forget to fight for a refund."

Her smile turns into a frown and in her Australian accents she says, "super" as I rush out to catch a bus and wave goodbye.